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Our next questioneer Chris needs your help adding the ‘fun’ to ‘draising’:

Next July I am participating in a charity rally that starts in London and finishes in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. My team mate has decided we should drive the 10,000 mile route in an ambulance, which we then donate to the charity organising the event.

It turns out that these high-tech life saving vehicles are quite expensive on the second hand market as people want them for camper van conversions.

We have tried approaching companies for sponsorship, but so far have been turned down by almost every one.

We thought of holding a black tie charity dinner, but soon realised we didn’t know anyone that wouldn’t be turned away at the door for being too poor.

So answer me this: how do we raise enough money to buy the ambulance, pay for the visas, fuel, food and accommodation plus raise a respectable amount for the charities we are supporting?

Look at us, Chris. Do we appear to be the kind of people who have any idea of how to make money? [chokes back a sob]

However! Readers, you are ingenious and, in some cases, wealthy. If you can be of any help to Chris in his efforts, either go to the comments and donate a Plan of Action, or donate him enough cash to buy an ambulance.

Information about his endeavour and the charities which will benefit can be found at www.alphabadger.com.


One Response to “rally good causes”

  1. Rose Says:

    Kickstarter, or the European equivalent? Crowd source that money! You’d have to get creative and likely would have to provide some sort of blog reports or tshirts or such…. 🙂

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