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AMTlistener Robbie has cottoned on to the SCANDALOUS Hollywood epidemic of plagiarism and plot-recycling:

I definitely definitely definitely remember sitting up at 3 in the morning sometime between 2006 and 2010 watching a movie with the EXACT PLOT and virtually every cast member of the HBO programme Hung – but every time I’ve tried to do find out anything about this definitely existent film Google’s just come back with nothing…

The film I saw was lighter than the show – less gratuitous swearing and cock/fanny shots – and the lead character’s wife was NOT played by Anne Heche as she is is the show – she was played by Hope Davis. One or both of the lead character’s kids may have been cast differently, too…

Answer me this! Is it possible that there WAS a film of hung made before the 2009 show that was so crap that HBO had it buried – deleted from the internet?

Everyone I’ve told about this secret Hung movie thinks I’m crazy but I DEFINITELY REMEMBER WATCHING IT!!! And I think HBO are powerful enough to erase something from history, don’t you? I mean if they thought they could remake something better but didn’t want the crappy original looming o’er the project couldn’t they just sweep it under the rug so to speak???

Readers, if you have any idea what Robbie’s on about, tell him the title of this prototypical Hung thing.



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3 Responses to “Hung prototype”

  1. nerdycellist Says:

    Might this have been the Pilot for Hung? I’m not sure how it would have gotten out, but often a pilot is shot for a series before getting the green light. There is time between these two events, so casting very frequently changes. The pilot for Game Of Thrones had several casting differences, including Jennifer Ehle as Catelyn Stark.

  2. Dave Says:

    Can’t be any help here, just wanted to point out that someone left the italics on at the end of this post and your website is slanting. I’m boring enough to notice.

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